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Product Description :

Have a look at this wireless portable voice changer device, it can change 8 different voices, including 3 types Male voice, 3 types Female voice, 1 Robot and 1 Original voice. Without being need of any connector, Just put this voice changer close to your mouth, and your sound will change as you please. The wireless voice changer is suitable for telephone, mobile phone and online chatting. It will be very meaningful using in the occassion of party or entertainment. With the telephone voice changer device. It will be very helpful for single woman and children for face of the bad men's phone.

Feature :

8 Different voices: Male (3 types), Female (3 types), Robot(1), and Original (1).
Suitable for telephone, mobile phone and online chatting.
Portable, wireless design.
The degree of change can be adjusted as you are speaking by pressing the buttons located on the front of the unit.
With an on/off switch, 9-volt battery powered (not included).

Specifications :

Color: Blue/White
Item dimension: 89x60x23mm
Item weight: 130g

Operations :

1. Put device over mouthpiece, make sure that sound insulator surrounds the mouthpiece.
2. Turn on volume and adjust (change to male-high volume; to female-low volume; ET-lowest volume).
3. Select desired pitch(use the telephone receiver to hear the selection and make changes to satisfaction).
4. Speak into sound input(avoid frequently used speak structure. For best result, fake the voice).
5. When using ET, speak slowly and distinctively. Avoid dragging or linking sounds.

Cautions :

1. If voice changing fails, please check the following:
a. Telephone is steadily placed
b. If the mouthpiece has an irregular shape or if the sound insulator fits over it.
c. Review the instruction.
d. Battery power is full and is inserted.
e. Check voice clarity.
2. Keep device dry. Don not expose to direct sun or open flame.
3. Do not smash device.
4. Do not use this device for unlawful purpose(i.e. Harassing or vengeful conduct).

  • Width 60mm
  • Height 89mm
  • Depth 23mm




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